Private & public law

We mainly work for individuals who find themselves marginalised due to ethnicity, migration status or financial situation. We pride ourselves in our dignified approach to working with private individuals in tough situations. Our goal is to sincerely assist and support you in your legal predicament using our in-house skill as well as our community reach and our Preferred Partner's.

We invest in multilingual lawyers and lawyers with international accreditations to accommodate the linguistic and cultural need for understanding within our community.

Our process

WYZ Law Group was created out of the need to humanise the legal experience among the members of our community in Möllevångstorget in Malmo Sweden.

We want to continue to represent our clients when they need us with the integrity and commitment they deserve.

At the heart of WYZ Law Group we are an internationally oriented law firm driven to enable equal opportunities, regenerative solutions and innovation. We acknowledge that our community's need for legal representation is going through significant alterations which is why we are adamant to stay one step ahead of the curve but by your side through your deal.


Private Law governs the legal aspect of rights and duties in relationships between individuals. We are especially suited to represent a client in need of an international private lawyer due to overlapping jurisdictions.

Family law deals with rules, regulations and court procedures surrounding the family unit. We can help you with any situation considered as legal family matters. We are especially suited to represent a client in need of an international family lawyer.

This field of the judicial system refers to national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country. We work to further enable freedom of movement, rights to asylum, permanent residency and family reunion and can help you through all these different steps with our extensive experience in the legal field.

A person experiencing wrongful treatment or inadequate due process is welcome to contact us for legal assistance. We have successfully taken multiple public law cases against some of Sweden's biggest government agencies.

We are focused on assisting employees in understanding their legal rights and duties at their workplace and where needed to represent our client in court for breaches of their employment rights.

When individuals have ties to multiple countries it can greatly complicate issues regarding taxation and succession. We can help you navigate these issues and solve your predicament using the most optimal solutions and contracts for your situation. We can also assist in Estate and Probate matters both in Sweden and internationally as a appointed building manager.