Our mission is to humanise the legal experience

We are an International law hub devoted to cultivate the opportunities that come with freedom of movement

Our work

Why we work

In a world were we are expected to navigate new systems, digitalisation, cash-free societies and overlapping jurisdictions we have made it our resolve to meet the demand for lawyers who truly care while understanding the consequences and opportunities of overlapping jurisdiction, and by extension the international legal marketplace.

There is currently a growing interest and overall urgency to better understand how we as individuals, companies and organisations can better position ourselves in times of paradigm changes in order to reap the immeasurable opportunities that inevitably arise.

How we work

Our business model includes multiple businesses that work together in a fiduciary relationship with the mutual goal to create opportunities for a regenerative society for all. Together with our in-house legal, financial, business and software experts we have positioned ourselves to become the first Swedish international law hub for regenerative change.

We have invested in Preferred Partner's with legal practitioners who share our values and are positioned in countries we want to build and maintain strong relationships with.

WYZ Law Group is invested in actively building a regenerative Malmo city together with the public, private and voluntary sectors and enterprises.


Our goal is to enable as much in-house competence and overlapping abilities as we can while maintaining our core value of our regenerative principles. The partners at WYZ Law Group set up their first shop back in 2014 with the laser focus on enabling ideas and opportunities for a regenerative community. Ever since the goal has been to respond to the looped feedback that has been presented and today our own ecosystem consists of a WYZ Law Firm, CME-Idea Factory (our business generator) and our very own framework made up of true community champions and experts within different fields dedicated to working for a regenerative opportunity.

To further serve the need for international lawyers we have set up Preferred Partnership's with law firms in; England & Wales, Denmark, France, Estonia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, Kenya, Nigeria and the US. These partnerships are at the disposal of our ecosystem.

Who we are

Sara Awayez

International lawyer

Founder of WYZ Law Group and co-founder of Cme - specialising in international private and commercial law. Operative in general private and commercial law in Sweden.

Samer Awayez

Regenerative business strategist

Founder of Cme, Kaospilot alumni, and co-founder of WYZ Law Group - expert in regenerative business and finance solutions with a passion for process design and systems thinking.

Hadil Khattab

Tax Law Student

Law student at Lunds University with a passion for general commercial law and taxation law in Sweden.

Venessa Simonovski


Paralegal at WYZ Law Group specialising in international private- and procedur law. Operative mainly in family and migration law in Sweden.

Work with us


Are you our next recruit? At WYZ Law Group we value human capital the most and naturally our team is at the core of our operation. Special emphasis is placed on analytical skills, social skills and high work ethics. Languages are meritorious.

Please send these applications to Sara Awayez on sara@wyz.se or call her directly on 040 644 99 22.


For students and paralegals –
WYZ Law Group offers law students and paralegals internships throughout the academic year. A sense of empathy and interest in private and commercial law is necessary to ensure a meaningful internship.

If interested, please email Samer Awayez on samer@wyz.se or call him directly on 073 560 57 88.

Preferred Partnership

We are looking for law firms in country's with strong ties to Sweden or law firms that specialize in international private- or commercial law to further build on our precious network and in some cases enter into a preferred partnership with special perks and commitments.

For these queries please contact Sara Awayez on sara@wyz.se alt. call her directly on 040 644 99 22.